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What Makes a Bad Credit Borrower Take a Holiday Loan?

What Makes a Bad Credit Borrower Take a Holiday Loan?
What Makes a Bad Credit Borrower Take a Holiday Loan?

Not many people live in the concept of earning and travelling or at least not many plans to travel once a year to other places. We are so equipped with our daily life and office, that we forget to make time for ourselves. This is the reason we find people being more stressed and losing their calmness all the time.


Making a holiday plan once in a year will make you finer and healthier, as it will rejuvenate you from your hectic work pressure. All you must do is pack your bags and leave for your vacation, but wait, what about the money required to make the bookings? That is when we step in.


We are having a wide network of lenders who are working on to give the best loans to every individual who is in need. Our lenders offer holiday loans for bad credit borrowers, wherein even the individuals who are having a low credit score can apply for the same just like other individuals. We will provide you with the money and now all you must do is make the bookings, pack your bag and leave to your favourite destination.


Now, don’t ask us about holiday packages too. We don’t provide you with the packages but will surely help you out with the money that you require, because we know it hurts to put all your savings on one holiday plan.


So, it is easy to get a loan, but you need to understand what exactly makes you take this loan up. Oh, we know it is for your holiday expenses, but we give you more reasons for why to take it.


1. You might already have a lot of stress going in your life, we don’t want you to take that stress even while planning for a holiday. The biggest problem while planning is money and when that problem is solved, you should be going easy with other things. From booking your travel tickets till shopping your favourite dresses from all over the street, every expense that you make on your trip can be covered up with our loan amount.


2. Your savings are going nowhere because you can go easy with your pockets by availing this loan. All your savings can be saved for more time and use them wisely or to clear the loan debt every month without having to use them all at once.


With making the payments slowly, you can have a plan on your budget and make the necessary payments on time.


3. We all know having a bad credit score is not something bad but yeah, you might be restricted from getting few loans from a few lenders. We are not that bad; we give loans to the ones who are having a low credit score because we treat every individual equally.


Having a bad score doesn’t bother us, but if you tend to miss the payments, then that will bother us. Remember to make the payments on time without evading.


4. Do you know that your holiday loans are unsecured? No, we don’t mean the money is fake. We mean that you don’t have to pledge any of your assets with us. We want you to enjoy your holiday and not making it risky by asking you to put down your assets as collateral.


5. We only talk about giving considerable interest rates to our customers, this is given just to make your trip a memorable and affordable one.


6. Plan for any destination, our loans will help you to cover up the expenses. The loan amount can be used for both national and international destinations. But there will be different rates charged for both the loan packages.


That’s a lot of benefits added to the list and I am sure with all these pros keeping in mind, you will plan and take our holiday loans to cover up your expenses.


APR Disclosure

Representative example: £400 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31. Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% (variable). Representative 305.9% APR.