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Top Reasons Why You Should Go Back To The Same Payday Loan Direct Lender

Top Reasons Why You Should Go Back To The Same Payday Loan Direct Lender
Top Reasons Why You Should Go Back To The Same Payday Loan Direct Lender

Meeting small-sized financial requirements is probably the most confusing situation posing too many dilemmas. You may need only a small amount of money to overcome your immediate financial needs that cannot wait until your paycheck comes in. You may think to ask for help from friends & family, but, call it your ego issues or the fear of running a relationship, you might not consider that option. The banks are not places that provide small amounts of money as loans, especially if you are under the shadow of having a poor credit score. So, the next possible and probably, the most reliable option would be to borrow quick short term loans for bad credit no guarantor from financing companies or private lenders.

Although there are many short term loan options in the market, the most popular ones that are availed to meet immediate minute financial needs are the instant payday loans. It is a know-all that the payday loans are short term loans with bad credit that can be availed quickly from lenders and should be repaid on your next payday. Since the banks do not provide the payday loans, you will have to borrow them from the private lenders or financing companies only. There are many lenders in the market who readily provide quick payday loans with bad credit options.

Since these are short term loans i.e., these payday loans are available for poor credit scores and without the need for collateral, it could be highly risky to the lenders. So, they will carry out a verification to check the authenticity of the borrower. For carrying out the process, it is better to borrow the payday loans from the providers who will offer you the loans with direct lender and bad credit options. Unlike the banks, they will just perform a soft process, ask for limited documentation, process it quickly, and save a lot of time without many hassles. If everything is ok, the loan application gets approved and, the money will be in your account soon. If all goes well and you make the repayments on time to the lender, you can build a beneficial relationship with the lender. This helps build trust with the lender and, it could be very useful when you need any future financial assistance. In this blog, we go through a few reasons which prove why it is best to stick to & avail the payday loans from direct lenders with bad credit from the same financing company or lender, whenever you are in need of a fast cash loan.

1. Quick Processing & Approvals – The instant payday loans are popular for their quick processing & approval features. And if you are already an old borrower who has always repaid on time, it will make it much easier for the loan application request to get approved, as the lender knows you and your background well. So, he won’t carry out the entire verification process again and will be more confident about lending you the money. This could be really helpful when you need immediate cash in a short time span.

2. Familiar Services – Every lender has different rules, regulations, and protocols while they process the loan applications. When you are already flustered due to the financial crisis, it becomes difficult to remember the details and procedures. If you go back to the same payday loans direct lender bad credit option from the same place, it could be easier for you as you must be already acquainted with the procedures and ways of handling things with this lender.

3.They Have Your Past Details – Most lenders make it a point to keep a record of all their customers for any future reference. When you go back to the same direct payday lenders, you are sure that they have all your past details regarding the account details, past loan records, your credit history, and your overall financial performance. So, the lender will also know about it and, it will be easier to win the trust of the lender and get the loan approved.

4. Borrow More Amounts – Trust is an important factor between the lender and the borrower. When you have already established a good work relationship, it becomes easier for the lender to have faith in you. Most lenders fix a range for the loan amount and, they will decide the final lending amount only after considering many factors. Since the trust is there, the lender will not hesitate to provide you with a larger amount of money if needed, and may also help in planning a more preferable repayment schedule.

You never know when you may face financial emergencies in the future and how much amount of money you may need urgently. So, it is important to repay your loans on time and work on building a trustworthy relationship with the lender. It is a win-win situation for both the lender and the borrower. At FleetQuid, you can find reliable lenders who will provide consistent and convenient loan options that will help you to overcome your financial issues soon.

APR Disclosure

Representative example: £400 borrowed for 90 days. Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31. Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% (variable). Representative 305.9% APR.